futurebabies 10 - "futurebabies @ Dust Mk. II"

@ Dust, London, EC1, England 7pm Friday 12th April

For futurebabies 10th (count 'em) event we were back at Dust once again. After the success of the first night, we all felt we had found the perfect home of our blend of fun and style. Or, put another way, somewhere daft enough to have us with a full stocked bar.

So prospects were good. That was until we turned up to find the sound-system was knackered! It was nobody's fault, just one of those things. So while Lefty started proceedings, much work went on around him trying to fix the solution. Leads were swopped, equipment was switched, desperate telephone calls made, and we sorted of half fixed it.

Poor old Lefty was much stressed by the time he had finished! Still, with that date at Turnmills with Justin Robertson, Ashley Beadle and Roy the Roach to look forward to, things can only get better for the guy. Expect him to be back at the next night all guns/top tunes blazing.

Lozza went on next and everybody started chilling and getting into the night. The dancefloor started getting busy, nobody except us seemed aware of the previous problems, and we got on with doing what we do best. We always know it's going to be a good night when Ads the Canwell is around. Respect to the 5 hour groover! Lozza's 2 hour set started deep and built. Throwing in a few garage stabs (how good is the Jaxx remix of Missy Elliot!) to the usual groovy house blend, it was a pleasure.

Finally, Mr Durability, née Elbows, took his turn. With his slightly Dust-refined sounds, once again he closed the night in style with a monster 3 hour bonanza. He started with some choice breakbeat and moved it on through to some of his favourite techy bombs (& again that Norman Cook remix of Bushes - a futurebabies anthem & no mistake). The dancefloor was a heaving mass of smiley boozy people - ace.

Thanks must go out to Jenni for the fab visuals. futurebabies is now a proper multi-meeja experience!

See you for the next 1 when we're doing it all over again. Only this time, I'm giving Turnmills afterwards a miss. A man can only take so much.


The futurebabies crew