futurebabies 2- "Mucky Legs"

@ The Mucky Duck, Brixton, London, England 9pm Saturday 2nd June 2001

After four months in the darkness the futurebabies crew returned to the party scene with the second installment of our funk filled ass shakin' night. And for this night the (right) lads had acquired a new venue called The Mucky Duck. It's a cleaner more intimate venue with a pool table, great lounging area, crazy bar staff and a sound system that's as crisp as a packet of McCoys.
The night started at a gentle pace with Lefty getting the groove going with his blend of US house and some deep UK slates, firmly setting the foundations for the night ahead. Next up was "Little" Lozza Willis picking up the pace nicely with his quirky take on house music. The beats were a pounding and the night was gathering momentum ready for Julian to take the controls. Actually, he took-off, in a Mills-esque space ship, lifting the crowd as he continually dropped the bass, cut the midrange and tweaked the high hats with each and every mix as everybody locked into the groove. Lefty then took over for the last hour, with a little help from Lozza, playing classics from days gone by to keep the crowd smiling long into the night.
All in all a top do - the venue is great and the response from the crowd excellent (you nutters!!), and we look forward to seeing you all at the next one.

Ta, RL Promotions

Big Tunes:

Green Velvet - Answering Machine (Music Man)
Andy Caldwell - Carnaval (Om)
Onionz - Ser Serge (Camouflage)
Doc Martin & Tony Hewitt - Music from my Soul (Wax)
Mateo & Matos - Got a Message (DJ Sneak's Biggie Size Dub) (Glasgow Underground)
The Magi - C'Mon Clap Your Hands (Guidance)