futurebabies 4 - "Messy Legs"

@ The Mucky Duck, Brixton, London, England 9pm Saturday 3rd August 2001


That's what everybody was cursing at the futurebabies latest soiree down the good old Mucky Duck. Beginning of August and what does it do, but piss it down of course. In fact, it leathered it down. Those who ventured through our mini tropical storm got soaked, and those that didn't bother, well, we'll excuse you this time!! Seriously though, thanks to those that did make it down, especially the pop stars & those that came many miles from seaside towns. We don't think it dissapointed despite the slightly smaller contingent.

For once, Julian started us off with a slightly more chilled take on his usual tribal numbers. And lovely it was too, to see a lighter side to the fella! In such form was he, as ever twisting those knobs like a goodun, that a new nickname was inspired. So from now on he's known as Elbows. Watch him on the decks and you'll know why. Sorry Julian mate, but if I'm going to be 'Little Lozza Willis' & Neil 'Lefty', you've got to have a stupid name too!

Next up Little Lozza kept the vibe crankin up. By this time some people were even drying out.

Then old Mr Lefty took over and as ever displayed his usual array of top mixes and top tunes. I dunno, but this constant stream of promos may be good for him and the dancefloor, but it makes a bit hard on us other djs without access to the HMV 'extras'. I might have to have a word with this mysterious 'Steve' (if this is his real name).

Back came Elbows and it was rockin. Then a somewhat inebriated Lozza came back at the same time as even more inubriated latecomers joined the throng and stormed the dancefloor. Cheers Si Patti. Dunno who your mate was in the posh jacket punching the air like a loon, but he was top.

Finally, after Lozza's party bag came Lefty's final choice promos and we loved it all. So, arse to the weather, lets hope it's better for the next one & we'll do it all over again.

Nice one, RL Promotions

Quote of the night: "Bugger me, it's pissing it down!!" Everyone

Big Tunes:

Dajae - Everyday (My Life) (Defected)
Mojolators - Release It (Fluential)
Hefner vs Cosmos - Dive into you (Inertia)
Joeski & Chus - El Amor (Maya)
Alistair Colling - Cafe Sol (Mutiny's Lost Without You Remix) (Central Park)
Gandi Khan - Why Can't U Free Some Time (Armed)