Joanne's Top 7 Sweets
1 Pacers - like Opal Fruits, but minty with 3 green stripes. Cool? Not really.
2 Spangles - boring boiled sweets but so full of sugar and chemical colouring that excessive consumption was akin to taking class As, hence the phrase "I got dead spangled".
3 Red Licorice Laces - locorice which was red, and in the form of laces! Cool? Can be, especially if stretched and used as a whip.
4 Extra Hot Gobstoppers - little boiled sweets that lasted forever and burned the skin off your throat on the way down. Cool? No, hot actually and really good for lobbing at car windows.
5 Sherbert Flying Saucers - a classic amongst sweets, dump the saucer bit and use the fizzy sherbert for wicked Exorcist impressions.
6 Bonbons - weird, chalky and chewy, but always a fave. Throwability: go for miles, sting like a bitch and stick when wet.
7 Coconut Mushrooms - small shaped caramel and coconut dipped sweets, look grotty, taste grotty but pet dogs love 'em.