Lozza's Top 10 Gigs of all Time
1 Mudhoney @ SOAS, London, 1989
People pressed up against the windows watching outside, after the 1st song the stage collapsed and we had to wait 10 minutes before the next 1 to get the band members back from the crowd, I jumped off a speaker stack and got a mention in Melody Maker. Punk rock.
2 Orbital & Bjork, Glastonbury Festival
The sun was shining, I was down the front and they played Chime. All time classic festival moment.
3 Primal Scream, The Institute, Birmingham
Just after Screamadelica came out. It was like nothing any of us had heard before. A big moment.
4 Daft Punk, Big Love Festival
Pure techno festival magic.
5 Unknown - Amersham Village Hall
My mate's band (can't remember the name) with Alexis on lead guitar and vocals pretending to trash his guitar at the end but not really, Steve on drums finishing with blood pouring from his mouth, Joe on bass (later of the Sneaker Pimps), and Dave. Played a load of songs writen by Alexis and finished with a Velvet Underground cover. It was their only gig and it was brilliant. They could have been massive.
6 The Charlatans, Boston Arms, London
Their 1st gig in London. Nicked out of home to go with my mate Mark. It was a Madchester thing.
7 Mudhoney, Tad and Nirvana, Astoria, London
Legendary for Nirvana's performance, bottom of the bill.
8 My Bloody Valentine (twice), ULU, London
Classic guitar mayhem and an amazing live band.
9 The Strokes, Brixton Academy, London
3 minute pop punk adrenelin.
10 Happy Mondays, Wembley Arena, London
More Madchester maybe. There was a big flashing E right above the stage. We did poppers all night.